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A Brief History of Kendall Keep

Constructed approximately thirty years ago in the western part of the Yeomanry by retired adventurer Macsen Wledig, the keep was his retirement. Named after a fallen adventuring friend, the keep was Wledig’s reward for years on the long road. But twenty years after constructing the keep, Wledig was called back to his homeland, which was being threatened by Iuz’s invading armies. Taking most of his army with him Wledig marched off to fight Iuz’s evil. He died on that distant battlefield, his army shattered around him.

But the keep endured. Wledig’s lieutenant, Deveraux, became castellan and has kept the keep functional since then. Now, the keep is again growing, but the renewed evil of the Caves of Chaos threatens its security.

Shopping at the Quartermaster's Office