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Shopping at the Quartermasterís inside Kendall Keep

(DMís Note: All general items and prices are taken
from the PHB. Selected items from the warped mind of
the DM. Individual item descriptions can be found in
the PHB.)

General Goods

Backpack, 2gp 
Barrel, 2gp
Basket, 4sp
Bedroll, 1sp
Bell, 1gp
Blanket, winter, 5sp
Block and tackle, 5gp
Bucket, 5sp
Candle, 1cp
Canvas (per square yard), 1sp
Chain (10 foot), 30gp
Chalk (per piece), 1cp
Chest, 2gp
Climbers kit, 80gp
Crowbar, 2gp
Firewood (per day), 1cp
Flask, clay (holds one pint), 3cp
Flint and steel, 1gp
Grappling hook, 1gp
Hammer, 5sp
Jug, clay, 3cp
Ladder (10 foot), 5cp
Lamp, common, 1sp
Lantern, hooded, 7gp
Lock, average, 40gp
Lock, very simple, 20gp
Mirror, small metal, 10gp
Mug, clay, 2cp
Oil (per pint), 1sp
Pick, miners, 3gp
Pitcher, clay, 2cp
Piton (iron spike), 1sp
Pole (10 foot), 2sp
Pot, iron, 5sp
Pouch, belt, 1gp
Trail rations (per day), 5sp
Typical explorerís outfit, 10gp
Typical peasantís outfit, 1sp
Typical travelerís outfit, 1gp
Rope, hemp (50 foot), 1gp
Sack, 1sp
Sewing needle, 5sp
Shovel, 2gp
Sledge hammer, 1gp
Soap (per pound), 5sp
Spade, 2gp
Tent, 10gp
Torch, 1cp
Vial, glass (holds one ounce), 1gp
Waterskin, 1gp
Whetstone, 2cp

The Weapon-smith

Weapons and ammunition

Arrow (per 20), 1gp
Arrow, silvered, 1gp
Axe, throwing, 8gp
Axe, battle, 10gp
Bolt (per 10), 1gp
Bolt, silvered, 1gp
Bolt case (holds 20 bolts), 1gp
Bullet (per 10), 1sp
Bullet, silvered, 1gp
Club, 0gp
Dagger, 2gp
Dagger, silvered, 10gp
Dart, 5gp
Flail, light, 8gp
Gauntlet, 2gp
Halberd, 10gp
Hammer, light, 1gp
Handaxe, dwarven, 6gp
Lance, light, 6gp
Long bow, 75gp
Long sword, 15gp
Mace, light, 5gp
Quarterstaff, 0gp
Quiver (holds 20 arrows), 1gp
Scimitar, 15gp
Short Bow, 30gp
Short Spear, 2gp
Short Sword, 10gp
Waraxe, dwarven, 30gp
Warhammer, 12gp

Armor and shields

Buckler shield, 15gp
Chain shirt, 100gp
Chain mail, 150gp
Hide, 15gp
Large steel shield, 20gp
Large wooden shield, 7gp
Leather, 10gp
Padded, 5gp
Scale, 50gp
Small steel shield, 9gp
Small wooden shield, 3gp
Studded leather, 25gp

The Curios Shop

Curios and Oddities

Acid, flask, 10gp
Alchemistís fire, 20gp
Antitoxin, 50gp
Caltrops, 1gp
Hammer, gnomish, 20gp
Hourglass, 25gp
Magnifying glass, 100gp
Necklace, 10gp
Necklace, semi-precious stone, 120gp
Potion of blurring, 300gp
Potion of jumping 50gp, 
Potion of sneaking, 150gp
Potion of spider climbing, 50gp
Potion of cure light wounds, 50gp
Potion of cure moderate wounds, 300gp
Ring, semi-precious stone, 100gp
Signet ring, 5gp
Signet ring, personalized (by commission), 25gp
Smokestick, 20gp
Spyglass, 1000gp
Sunrod, 20gp
Thunderstone, 30gp
Tindertwig, 1gp
Waterclock, 1000gp

The Stables

Mounts, Tack and Services

Bit and bridle, 2gp
Cart, 15gp
Donkey, 8gp
Feed (per day), 5cp
Horse, heavy, 200gp
Horse, light, 75gp
Mule, 8gp
Pony, 30gp
Saddle, pack, 5gp
Saddle, riding, 10gp
Saddle bags, 4gp
Stabling (per day), 5sp

The Bindery

Calligraphy kit, 5gp
Case, map or scroll, 1gp
Ink vial (Black), 8gp
Ink Vial (Various colors), 15gp
Ink pen, 1sp
Paper (per sheet), 2gp
Parchment (per sheet), 1gp
Sealing wax, 1gp
Scroll, arcane or divine first level (except identify)
Scroll, identify 125gp