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Castellan Deveraux

Macsen Wledig’s lieutenant, Deveraux adventured many years beside his lord, receiving a grievous wound in a battle with a troll. Still, he was an excellent archer and oversaw much of the building of the keep. It was because of this wound that he did not accompany Wledig’s army a decade ago, and why he survived to lead the keep to its current place. Deveraux is a just and honest man, and can be counted upon to do the right thing.

Ambercrombie of St. Cuthbert

The intense Ambercrombie oversees the keep’s chapel, a stark, spartan room dedicated to St. Cuthbert, god of retribution and justice. Ambercrombie has served the keep for the past seven years, since the previous keeper of the chapel was laid to rest and the call sent out for a new priest. Ambercrombie is responsible for creating most if not all the potions found in the
keep, glad for the income generated to further the priesthood.

Wilf, Hostler

Wilf owns and operates the keep’s only inn and tavern, The Green Man and the One-Eyed Cat respectively. He is the son-in-law of its founder, Beasley. Rates at the inn are 1gp per day, with a weekly rate of 6gp.

Dubricus d’Ambreville

A member of the Dyver d’Ambreville noble clan, Dubricus is a historian determined to piece together a comprehensive account of the formation and consolidation of the Yeomanry. His research has already assisted the fellowship in locating information on the caves as well as the reclusive drow master.

Mallory Wyvernspur

This notable rogue has been hero and highwayman throughout the Yeomanry. While it is rumored he is not even a native to Oerth, rather being a plane-walker, he greets questions about his past with a deflective wit. He is known for his ability to escape almost every predicament, and is the epitome of swashbuckling debonair.

Regien the Historian

A longtime resident of Greyhawk, Regien has spent his life being in the right place at the right time to record history as it is made. His career began when he followed a band of adventurers as they defeated the powers behind the Temple of Elemental Evil in 565CY (Common Year). He has since traveled Flanaess, chronicling the deeds of kings and adventurers alike.
He has just finished his account of the Greyhawk Wars, and has spoken of traveling again, saying, "History does not wait to be written."

Lashon, Merchant Prince

The son of a Furyondy Count, Lashon enjoyed a successful adventuring career with the Company of the Grey Plume before retiring to begin a life as a merchant. A decade later, he has founded the Platinum Profits Trading Coster, and is one of Flanaess’ few dealers in magical items. His enterprise is currently located in the city of Dyvers.

Roondar Scheppen

A gnomish jeweler, Roondar has crafter fine rings and bracelets for nearly four decades in the walled city of Dyvers. His work is so good, he has performed work for the College of Magic in the City of Greyhawk. But to those in the know, Roondar has another reputation -- that as a fence without peer and an appraiser of exotic and rare items. Some whisper he's an independent, others place him as a member of Dyver's thieves guild. Some whisper he may even be a ranking member of the guild. Regardless of the whispers, everyone talks loudly about one thing when mentioning Roondar -- he gets results.


The greatest archmage on Oerth, the mysterious Mordenkainen leads the Circle of Eight, a group of powerful wizards dedicated to the archmage’s principles of "enforced neutrality." A key to this philosophy is a carefully maintained balance of power between the many powers of Oerth.