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In the late part of the summer in the Pomarj region, a family of humans were traveling through the area.  Unbeknownst to them,

 that area known as the Pomarj was run by Garlak, the orc king. Halfway through the Pomarj region they

were attacked and murdered, except for one of the daughters. As a prize for the king she was taken to him. He was pleased to see

 such a young, beautiful woman brought to him.  After one year in the hands of the king and six months pregnant the young

 woman escaped.  She could not stand the idea of living under the rule of Garlak any longer. She traveled for days until she felt

 she found a safe haven for her to give birth to her baby. Three months passed and her time came to give birth. She prayed to

 Lathander that everything would be alright. She had a nine pound half-orc son. She named him Kethkor. They lived in the

region of the Pomarj for ten years. She felt if she went back to human society that they would scorn her and the boy or maybe

 even worse.


He was quick to learn how to hunt, fish, track, and trap animals. She tried to teach him how to read and write, but the half-orc side

 of him took over and he refused. Still, she knew she had done well with him. When turned the age of thirteen, she thought it was

 time for him to learn about his roots. She gave him directions about where to go and how to get there to see his father. She

 kissed him and said "I love you very much, but it is time to learn of your other heritage"." Just remember to always look out for

 yourself and to watch your back". She nudged him to take upon his first adventure. 


After a couple of days travel, he reached the edge of the encampment. Scared and unsure of how to approach the camp he

 gathered enough courage and marched straight through the camp. Several orcs saw him but paid him no mind. Others

cautiously watched him and followed. He guessed the hut with sculls all around belonged to the king, most likely to intimidate

 any trespassers. He entered and saw a large orc sitting on a throne made of sculls and dried skins. Kethkor

raised his hand, pointing at the king and said in orc, "You are my father and I will take what is mine." The king and his guards

 laughed at the boy. It did not matter to Kethkor that they laughed. The king stood up and said in orc, "You are the whelp that my

 human wench had aren't you." " Watch your tongue or I'll cut it off", said Kethkor. Astounded, the guards drew their weapons,

 but the king told them to stop. Garlak said," You must be my son to speak to me in such a way".


Several years later, the great orc king called for Kethkor. Kethkor entered his hut where the king sat on his throne. Garlak said, " It

 is time for you to seek out your current path. Gruumsh came to me in the night and said I had to send you away so you can grow

 even stronger. Garlak wants you to returnone day when your path is complete. You are the most powerful of all my children and

 meant to rule this throne. When you return you will take the three tests to see if you will rule. For now you must go and see the

 rest of the world. This will help you see your enemies and how they work. It will make you a better king."


Kethkor gathered a small amount of belongings along with his weapons and traveled all over the world trying to understand the

 many races. Humans, dwarves, elves,and even other orc clans were all different to him. He could not fully understand their ways

 until he got closer to them. He felt as though he was at a crossroads. It had been two years since he had left his homeland, but he

 had not fully comprehended all of the known races. Should go back home a failure or keep pressing on. He asked for Gruumsh

 the mighty orc god to show him the way.


A few days later, he traveled to a small town. He decided to take a night at the local bar. He entered the bar looking for food and

 drink, but found more. A bald headed little halfling was guzzling down dwarven gutshakers in one of the corners with a young

 radiant female dressed in armor. Kethkor had not had any company in quite some time. He walked straight over to their table and

 asked to sit down. Unsure of his intentions they said go ahead. After a night of laughter and drink they banded

together for the beginning of a great adventure.