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Kerlon Mclaren was brought up and raised well by his parents in a small farming town. They were very strong in the beliefs of

 Heironeous.  Kerlon's parents were poor farmers that barely made enough to get by.  After reaching the age of 14, Kerlon grew

 tired of the farm life and knew this is not the life he wanted to live.  So he decided to go out on his own and see where the road

 would take him.  His dad, the stubborn one, did not like this at all so he said "If you leave I will disown you" (That is why you

 don't  hear him ever say his last name or talk about his past).  His mother,  being the more sensitive one, says "I know there will

 be nothing I could do to stop you, but if you do leave follow Heironeous, He will keep you safe." With that she takes off a ring off

 her finger and hands it to Kerlon (its the signet ring that Kerlon always wears of Heironeous). With that Kerlon walked away with

 a sack full of food, his moms ring, and a bone dagger that his dad made him. 

Kerlon traveled for several days.  He loved being out on his own.  He would walk the road during the day and sleep on the side of

the road during night. One night when Kerlon was breaking camp he heard a sleek little voice behind him. The voice said "You

 there....Yeah you little boy." Kerlon turned around and he saw 3 dirty skinny humans covered in black clothing. Right when

 Kerlon turned around, something hit him in the back of the head and he went unconscious. They took everything he had except

 the signet ring on his hand. The next morning a group of men passed by the boy on a caravan. The one driving spotted his ring

 and said "You guys look, he is a follower of Heironeous. We can't just leave him there." So the three men picked him up and set

him in their caravan. Kerlon woke up a few moments later from the bumping inside the caravan. Kerlon says "What, where am

 I...Who are you." One of the guys answers "I am Gorin Zachrin. I am a student of the monastery just up the road. I think you will be

 safe there. What's your name?" Kerlon answers "I am Kerlon Mccc ( Kerlon almost said his last name but then remembered his

 dad and stopped) I'm Kerlon. Just Kerlon." Gorin says "Oh ok. Well Kerlon what were you doing out there all by yourself. Kerlon

 answers "I was bushwhacked and robbed by a group of strange guys." 

The boy driving stops the cart and says "Master, Master we found a young boy. Hurry come quick."  Kerlon looks outside and

 sees a huge stone house with trees and animals all over the place and a tall muscular man dressed in fine silk robes with a white

 beard walking this way. The master ( Kerlon never learned his name; he was just known as master) sees his ring walks up to him

and says "Aw young boy come quick lets fix your head, you have a large bump." Kerlon gets out and follows the master inside 

the house into a room filled with weird smells and lots of bottles. The master searches through the bottles for a while "Aw yes

 here we go. Take this it will help you." Kerlon says "thanks" and quickly drinks it. The master asked "Where were you

heading to. Kerlon quickly answers "I was following the path that Heironeous has for me". Then the master says "Aw yes well I

 think your journey ends here. I think this is what Heironeous has set for you. Won't you stay and be a student of mine. I will teach

 you many things that you will need to live your life to your fullest. That is what you want right?" Kerlon says "Yes this is what I

 want. I will stay with you." 

Kerlon stays there for 5 years becoming  the master's oldest and best student. One day when Kerlon was going through his daily

 chores, the master calls out to him and hands him an anonymous letter. Kerlon reads the letter and quickly drops everything he

 had and says "Master I must go now, my parents are in trouble." The master says "Wait before you go I must give you

something." The master quickly turns to the house and comes back minutes later. "Here take these items." I think you will be able

 to use them. The master hands him a sack with a couple of gems, some food, extra clothes, and a pair of masterwork nunchukus.

 Then the master says "Go my son hurry. You may take the horse over there in the pasture." With that Kerlon takes off and never

 sees the master again.

He reaches his parents house in just two days. The house looks older and more beat up then what he remembered of it. The door

 is hanging half open and barely on its hinges. Kerlon walks up to the door and sees his parents dead. On the wall he sees a sign

 of Hextor that was drawn with their blood. Kerlon quickly turns away and rides off down the road until his horse wont go any


character background by ben