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Request from the Webmaster...

If possible, I would like everyone to find a picture that best represents their character and send it to me.  I will add those into each characters bio to give an added dimension when reading it.  If you have trouble finding something, let me know some physical details about your character and I'll look as well.  Most of the time you can find something online.  If you have a scanner, that opens up for use any picture you might have a hard copy of.  Refer questions to the webmaster email link at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!


What's new as of 02-10-01...

Kethkor's bio has been added in "The Fellowship" area. 


Message from the Webmaster...

After almost a two month hiatus, the Black Scale Warriors campaign site is back in business.  The buttons on the left will take you to various areas of interest, from information on your fellow companions to the latest rumors floating around Dyver's.  

For those that posted their characters bios to the e-groups list back in December, please resend it to my webmaster email address.  For those that haven't created a bio yet, get to crackin'.  Per The BIg Purple Thumb an experience award will be offered to those that complete a character bio.  Contact your DM for the exact amount.  There will be a bonus on top of that for the first two that send one in.

That's it for now.  I hope to have everything back up and running by the end of the weekend.



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