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What is this?

This is a FAQ, short for frequently asked questions.
Its purpose is to define and inform. It serves our
gaming group.

What group is that?

We are the GCGA, the Gulf Coast Gaming Association.
This website is the official home of the GCGAís
Greyhawk campaign.

Greyhawk? Isnít that the original D&D setting?

It is the oldest D&D setting, created by Gary Gygax.
We are currently using the updated Third Edition
version of Greyhawk, with our primary source material
being the Gazetteer.

You mean you switched over to Third Edition?

Third Edition D&D, also known as 3E, is simply the
superior gaming system. Skill based with more
flexibility than ever before, it is a worth-while
upgrade to Second Edition.

Ok, enough about the rules. Whatís the campaign about?

UmmmÖ.fortune and glory? There is no over-reaching
storyline, no meta-plot present in the campaign.
Returning more to the episodic beginnings of D&D, the
campaign highlights the adventures of the adventuring

Whatís the group made up of?

More like what isnít in the group. Weíve got a even
representation of the character classes, sans a druid,
and a good spread of the races, though the party is a
little elf heavy. For a more accurate look at the
party, click on the fellowship icon, and take a look.

Where in Greyhawk is the adventuring company?

The game began with the party traveling from Dyvers to
the Yeomanry, to Kendall Keep. There the group battled
in the Caves of Chaos. Later on the group will return
to Dyvers. Eventually, the party will range across

Fine. Letís talk a little about gaming style.

Sure. Iíve found most groups donít like overly serious
games, and this group is no exception. We all have
fun, even though sometimes the game slows down a
little. This group enjoys a good dungeon and a better
fight, though role-playing is by no means ignored. All
in all, the common factor here is everyone wants to be
entertained and the game style is focused on keeping
everyone entertained.

What about your DM style?

I favor a very improvisational approach. I do plan out
encounters, and a fair number of NPCs. But as far as
specifics, well, the party never does what you want,
so why detail everything? Iím comfortable tossing
things out off the top of my head, and itís served me
well so far. I try to run an adventure which leaves
every player feeling as though he had a good time.
Thatís how I as a DM win. I donít sweat it when the
PCs outsmart me or things donít go my way. Big deal as
long as everyone is happy. I try to mix a little of
everything: combat, dungeon crawls, role-playing,
puzzles, riddles. Ideally, my adventures are like a
good 80ís action movie, with over-the-top action,
larger-than-life characters, heroic feats, and great

What about magic?

I favor a medium amount of magic, but this group
enjoys a higher level of magic, so Iíve adjusted. I do
believe in awarding items the party can use Ė I rarely
hand our random magic. I do allow the purchasing of
minor magic's, such as scrolls and potions. I do
occasionally allow the purchasing of more powerful
items, but I donít really encourage this, since I see
the magical items as a way to reward players.

What about experience?

While we follow the 3E method of awarding experience
(challenge ratings), individual experience is awarded.
Check out the House Rules link to see more about

Are you done?

Yeah, I think so.   If you have any other questions,

email me at the DM email link on the main page.