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The Elves of the Gnarly Woods once a great nation ruled by the House of Gaelic, headed by now Queen Sallabedra Gaelic, has

 dwindled to little more than myth and fairy tale amongst those who dwell in the thriving cities of Greyhawk and Dyvers. Yet it is

 foretold that it will be great again before the Gaelic bloodline runs dry. With the weight of the ancient prophecy upon her and the

 desperation of the nation, she was forced to leave her security and comfort and go out amongst the land to strengthen ties or

 build new relations. However, ignorant of the world outside the palace walls and poorly armed with knowledge of the Art (that

 would not even rival the level of an apprentice mage) nor wisdom of but a mere hundred plus years, out to the cruel world she

 was turned. Out to bring this nation to it's rightful height.


In her wanderings she has amassed fortune, power, fame and friends. Yet, each day she adventures and struggles to evade death

 she delays the prophecy or ensures the doom to her people. Careful not to bring shame to her family name nor to her people, she

 travels to secure ties with other foreign dignitaries in order to enhance relations between the two nations. For in this, she may

 once again bring healing to a wounded nation. 


The Night of Flight


 The war had raged for many years the land torn between two  factions neither willing to give in to the other. The House of

 Terayon wished to fight the humans and banish them from the outlying lands around the Gnarly Woods. The other, the House of

 Gaelic, wished to embrace its fellow children of the gods and live and strive in harmony. But the opposing forces caused the

outsiders to turn away from the feuding Elves and without aid neither side would truly win for in war only the dead seem to when.

 Battle after battle the factions killing and mangling the forest to the point of perversity. One night a small band of red robed

 assassins entered the Gaelic strong hold and murdered Lord Zarufit, husband of Sallabedra and father of Meniko. In a retributive

 strike, Lady Jequetta mother of the young Elf maiden was captured and decapitated. It was said that night the blood ran through

 the sky and Lady Sallabedra's heart broke. It would be that night she sent her only granddaughter out in the world as an attempt

 to ensure peace and  prosperity for her people.


The night was darker than pitch and the moon scarlet as if a crimson tide had washed over it and stained it permanently. Harsh

 was the wind that night when she received the word that she would have to leave her ancestral home and cross the world to

 foreign places where her name was not known. Trials and tribulations would be set before her and alone she would have to face

them. Without guide, resource or even a chance to look back. In sorrow with little more than blind faith and confusion she would

 have to bear the weight of bringing greatness back to the diminishing nation. Rebuild the Elven Nation of the Gnarly Woods to a

 height and glory that once made heads turn as they see the sparkle of light emanating from a culture enriched by the

aided of magic and massing of wealth in turn a true force to be reckoned with.


With this we begin our tale of Enya Gaelic, an heiress of a dying legacy unless she can ensure the prophecy to come true.



Name: Enya Gaelic

Class: Cleric-Mage of Corellon Larethan

Level: 5/5

HP: 91

AC: 25

Armor: Chain mail, shield

Weapon: Long sword

Skills: Alchemy 8, Concentration 14, Climb 9, Diplomacy 7, Heal 15, Listen

12, Scry 10, Spell Craft 8, Search 7, Spot 13, Swim 11

Familiar: Toad

character bio by marty