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We stepped out of the rain into a small alcove with a large metal door about twenty feet into the side of the mountain. At this point Bubbles, being the inquisitive little halfling that he is, checks for traps and discovers none. The door is found to be unlocked. Hmmm, interesting so, he opens it for further investigation.

The group proceeds to follow and provide back support for Bubbles. As he proceeds into the corridor, he finds another door and again goes through the routine of checking and ensuring no traps before opening it. We enter into a bare room with an altar at one end and a door behind it.

Out from the door come thirteen scarlet robed men. Their robes mark them as members of the Scarlet Brotherhood. We quickly dispose of the red ninja-like monks, and move our attention toward their leader, a cleric. "Arise, my minions" he states and the 12 dead arise as undead.

Stepping up to the plate in the name of her god, Enya produces her holy symbol and quickly disposes of seven, leaving a few to be man-handled by the rest of the group. Mighty swings of axes, great sword, and the flying daggers of Bubbles slashed or flew through the air. Not to be out done, the archers, with their pin point accuracy, managed to release a few arrows into the mass. Kerlon successfully managed to get off a flurry of blows on a few and turn his attention to the cleric as most of the undead were defeated. However, the cleric was able to get two stone shape spells off before he too fell to the same fate as his companions.

After being divinely inspired and receiving another blessing from Corellon, Enya was able to free Kethkor and herself from the stony imprisonment and possible doom.

This completes the middle and second to the last cave.