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The morning was bone chilling and damp. Rain left a slight prick of pain as its very touch stung our faces. Before us were the last three Caves of Chaos. We had one shot at total survival, which meant we needed to work as a team. Never before had the group pulled together to perform such an act. This last ditch effort was to prove that we could work as a team and advance our reputation far and wide.

The first cave, dark and still, was covered in glistening threads of silvery silk that made the passage impenetrable. We quickly checked for traps as we approached the wall of web, knowing that what we needed was on the other side. Enya rolled a flaming sphere into the web, clearing a path until the light exposed a pit with set spears at the bottom. Eager to cross Kethkor jumped meeting Kerlon on the other side. One by one the brave party leaped to meet fate and what danger lay ahead.

Once across the pit the party found a vast cavern with a single spire in the middle soaring some 100 ft in the air. Webs of great strength tethered the spire to floor and ceiling as if it was a ship moored in a storm. Magical Arrows and mystical darts came hastily at the party as they fought to stand their ground against the large spiders protecting their commander. Mighty Kethkor and Kerlon engaged in hand to weapon combat. While, the archers sent flurry after flurry of arrows at the giant arachnoids. Bubbles, with his small stature, continued to hold his own in a 2 to 1 fight, letting all know that he would not be overcome by such pests. Enya called upon the power of her faith to help shield the party and then followed up by using the rod of alertness to see the dryder quickly advancing.

Enya flew up to the top of the spire and engaged battle with the dryder, a creature of pure evil. Bubbles and Kethkor ran up the spiraling staircase to the top to engage the creature as well. The archers continued to bombarded the cavern with arrows to ensure victory.

The final blow was dealt to the dryder and she fell to the floor, her egg sack bursting open, releasing hundreds of little spiders. Fortunately the area caught on fire and the web dwelling creatures were no more.