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Archived on 02-02-01

1) The Midsummer Faire outside Dyvers will be held on the shores of the Nyr Dyv inside the old Coliseum. A merchant calling himself Claudius Karolitus has refurbished the Coliseum and will be holding gladiatorial games of skill and fighting there to highlight the event. A mage-fair also is expected. Midsummer is six weeks away.

2) Along the shores of the Davish River near the city of Cryllor, a ring of glowing jewels has appeared floating in the air at both dawn and dusk. While no one has caught any of these stones, stories abound that those who possess a stone must complete a quest in order to retain the gem.

3) Several bands of giant-kin have attacked the Yeomanry’s capital, Loftwick. While they citizen army has turned them back and the attacks have lessened, there is a worry more giants may be massing.

4) The village of Tarlen on the eastern shores of the Nyr Dyv has been found completely abandoned. 

5) The great blue dragon known as Cobalt has claimed dominion over the Brass Hills, putting him in direct conflict with Rary, the proclaimed lord of the Bright Desert.

6) One of the seven bishops of Veluna has finally fallen to the wasting illness plaguing him and his fellows. The Archbishop is still calling out for anyone who can to aid his fellows in the Church of Rao.

7) The mage Iago, of the famous adventuring band The Traveling Terrors or 3T, has been sighted in Dyvers at the great market. It is the first public appearance of the wizard since the loss of his wife Dresela in a battle against Iuz’s forces.