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Alderon is the son of a little known mage, Elyren, from the Forest of Shadows. Killed in a raid against the Red Wizards, Alderon's mother didn't want him following in his father's footsteps because she knew it would spell the end of her family.  Alderon left home and went to study the Arcane Arts with an uncle who he swore to secrecy.  He feared if she found out his true reason for leaving; Alderon told her he was going to apprentice with a notable forester, she would disturb his studies.

When his uncle was satisfied that Alderon had learned all he could teach him, he sent the boy into the world to seek his path in life.  Alderon is wise enough to know that he does not have the strength to avenge his father's death.  Yet.


Basic Character Information

Race - Elf

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Class - Wizard